About us

Nordic Depository Services was established 2014 by real estate and financing professionals to provide primarily real estate fund managers in Sweden and Denmark with depositary services. 

Since the start Nordic Depositary Services has strived to make depositary services simple, effective and to the point, allowing our clients to focus on fund management and maximize value for its clients. 

Nordic Depositary Services may act as depositary for closed end funds investing in asset that do not require custody accounts (real estate, debt funds, energy funds and PE funds).

Nordic Depositary Services is: 

 - approved as Depositary with the Financial Supervisory Authority in Denmark
 - registered as a Financial Institute with the Financial Supervisory Authority in Sweden

The AIFM Directive

The AIFM directive was implemented in all EU member states in 2014.
The Directive’s aim is to ensure monitoring and surveillance of the risks that an AIFM poses to their investors, counter parties and other participants in the financial market.

The Depositary role

NDS is the investors’ long arm acting as a representative for the investors towards the AIFM. However, in the end the interest is aligned: as high return as possible on the investments made in accordance with the investment documents.