About NDS

At Nordic Depository services we strive to make depositary services simple, effective and to the point, allowing our clients to focus on fund management and maximize value for its clients. 

  • We know the product
    • We work only with what we know so that the impact on the fund and its manager is kept at a minimum, leaving them to focus on creating value for their investors.
    • NDS focuses on AIFs investing in real estate and renewable energies in the Nordic markets which has been our focus the last +10 years
    • We understand the cash-flows of the investments. We focus on the items that has a real impact on the investors risk and return.
  • We know the depositary work
    • The requirements set out in the AIFM directive and laws have been mapped and translated into work processes, step-plans and guidelines.
    • As a result, NDS has a robust infrastructure for its depositary services.
  • We adjust our work after the individual fund
    • NDS adjusts it’s polices and procedures for efficient control of the AIF.